The guy at the bar looks like a mixture of Snoop Dog and Pocahontas. His long hair, dark skin and gangster-like charisma fit perfectly into my predator-prey system. God is he horny.

Although it’s been less than two hours since I had a dick inside of me, I’m getting wet. It’s amazing that I’m not drooling yet. Not that my afternoon occupation in the form of being fucked by Mr. Big-ass-jerk-head wasn’t fun, it was fun but it was barely enough to heat me up properly. Instead of being a gentleman and letting me come first, he, after a mere three minutes, jerked off in my face. He then had to go; he still had to work; and no, he definitely didn’t have any time for cuddling.

Well, then he can’t complain about me getting my climax elsewhere.

The small club in the middle of Vienna is smoky, crowded and loud. It’s like a whore’s shack, with sweet smoke, mingled with the smell of cheap perfume, engulfing celebrating stoners in a cloud of mist. If a drug dog should happen to waddle in, it’d probably have an epileptic fit.

I make my way, my movement musically underlined by „Smoke Weed everyday“, through the dancing crowd, focused on Snoopahontas.

Don’t let the guy out of your sight for a moment. I acknowledge an awkward attempt at fumbling by a milk-faced-kid with a don’t-do-it-to-me-or-I’ll-kill-you-look. Even though having sex with an 18-year-old is at the very top of my must-do-agenda, today I have something else on my mind.

The object of my desire looks bored, sips a drink and lets his gaze wander through the club. His gaze touches me and suddenly his restlessness gives way to calm. Relaxed, he pulls up the corners of his mouth and grins in my direction. Even before I decide whether it’s my charisma, or whether I smell like a bitch in heat, the Indian-like African American stands next to me.

„Hi, I’m Rahim.“

„And I’m drunk. Do you want a drag? “

I hold a burning joint up to his face; he acknowledges the offer with a grateful nod. Suddenly a woman appears and gazes expectantly at him. Her shoulder-length hair is the same color as the Bloody Mary Snoopahontas holds in his hand. Lola has gotten burned out and looks quite through. Her tank top sticks to her huge breasts, as if she’d just run through a rain shower, her red mane is scattered in all directions and her eyes are only made up of pupils. I can’t stop staring at her neckline; the things are too impressive; they don’t fit in relation to her graceful shape.

„Rahim, I want to go home,“ she says, annoyed, over his shoulder.

Startled, he flinches, turns in her direction and puts his arm around her shoulders. Damn, I should have guessed he wasn’t alone. Should I have let myself be picked up by the teenager?

To my surprise, Mrs. Snoopahontas looks a little more relaxed when introduces us to one another.

„Claudia this is … what’s your name again?“

„Maja, my pleasure.“

Claudia finishes the rest of the joint, while Mister Lover Lover orders a bottle of bubbly and leads us past two security guys into a closed off part of the bar.

Here the music is not so loud; you can actually talk without screaming. A black theater curtain separates the room from the rest of the place. Dimmed light falls on leather sofas, which resemble the color of Claudia’s hair. Apart from three guys in suits, who chat in Croatian, we’re the only guests in the chillout zone.

Rahim falls onto the couch between his girlfriend and me while a waitress opens the Moet and pours.

„How long have you two been together?“

Giggling, the miracle of the breasts sips champagne before answering:

„Not at all.“

„But I thought…“

Rahim’s hand moves to my thigh and turns his head in my direction.

„Maja thought wrong.“

They both exchange stealthy glances before she says:

„I’m a prostitute, he’s a former customer.“

Well, then I’m reassured. I was afraid they were married. She tells me that she’s been in the business forever and has been having an affair with him for over ten years. It evolved from a „business“ meeting. It was almost a love story of sorts, in the manner of Pretty Woman.

Anyway, I’m not really interested in her life story but rather in her breasts. And of course in the object that is now increasingly violently pressing from within his jeans. Its contour is clearly visible on the fabric of his pants. Carefully, I move my hand tentatively in its direction, watching much more for her reaction than Snoopahontas’s.

But there’s no hint of jealousy in Claudia’s eyes. She immediately does likewise and grabs Rahim energetically by his dick. Even before I get there she opens his zipper and gets the showpiece out of its all too tight packaging.

Meanwhile, his hand has reached under my skirt. He pushes the moisture there upwards and comments on the absence of my panties with an instant purr.

Amused, the three Balkan men in ties look in our direction. I lean over Rahim and lick my tongue over the liberated tip of his dick. His gasp reveals that he likes to be served by two women at the same time. Claudia’s hand grabs tightly around the shaft, while I close my lips around the helmet and suck on it. Fucking fingers under my leather mini skirt heat me up properly.

„Slowly, slowly…“

Apparently Snoopahontas is about to explode right now. I take his cock out of my mouth and notice one of the guys from the next table coming over to us. Irritated, I stare at the huge man, wondering what will happen next. The others don’t notice him at first, as Rahim is busy extracting Claudia’s huge tits from under her top and sucking on them. Only when the stranger in a suit begins to talk, does Rahim let go of her, and looks as confused as me.

„Do you need help with them?“

I think my pig whistles and even before I hear Rahim say „Yes, please“, I have the next turbo unit in front of my face. The dick is as huge as its owner, who introduces himself as Senad. Claudia gets her breasts worked on by her former suitor, while I suck the Croatian shaft. The two colleagues standing close by, also let their pants down and put their hands on their dicks.

Senad whispers something foreign-sounding in their direction and they take a step forward. Suddenly there is a loud clinking of splintering glass. Everyone stops and looks at the perplexed-looking face of the waitress.

Apparently, the little alcohol transport bitch wasn’t prepared for the sight of the copulating crowd. This caused the mishap with the tray; a bottle of Moet along with some glasses are sent crashing to the floor.

She looks pale, stammers an apology towards the Croatians, and disappears as fast as she came. Totally ignorant, which hands grab me at the hip and pushes my skirt up, I continue giving the blowjob. I gasp for air as I finally feel a cock in my middle. Not even a meter away Claudia groans so loudly that those on the dance floor must assuredly hear her. Her rutting screams keep me going. I try to let Senad slide as deeply as possible into my throat. Senad claws his fingers into my hair, pulls my head firmly against his lap, jerks briefly and cums with a loud „Arrrrgghh“ in my mouth. I haven’t even swallowed, when the next one is already in front of me, waiting for Senad to withdraw. The other Balkan man, panting, now fucks my brains out. His thrusts get increasingly harder and he almost brings me to despair.

With a deafening scream Rahim alerts us to the fact that he’s climaxing. It sounds as if he’s hurt himself. A quick, scrutinizing look in his direction confirms that he hasn’t done himself any injury. Relaxed, with a smile on his face and a butt in the corner of his mouth, he clings to his playmate. She looks like she’s reached into a socket and has a bit of cum on her face. She looks electrified.

The sound of spitting confirms the suspicion that a change of course is pending. As feared the stranger likes my ass, and likes being in my ass. He presses in, inch by inch, until he completely disappears. Secretly I’m glad that he’s white.

And just as he’s starting to pound away a security guy comes running in, gesticulating violently, screaming, and breaks the collective coma.

„Boss, police in front of door. It don’t look good. They have a lot of what is like big cats. “

Senad is the only one who’s stowed his cock away. It is he who was meant by „boss“.

„They are dogs, you idiot. How often do I have to send you to a language course? D-O-G-S are not like big cats. “

Mister-I-should-exercise-vocabulary-grammar-and syntax-more-often looks down humbly. He notices my bare ass. Suddenly he seems quite indisposed.

„Yes, boss. Nothing more like big cat, og, yes?“

„DDDDDog! You idiot are as clever as dog shit. Go! Get out of my sight! “

Bingo, now the color of his face matches Claudias‘ chaotic hairstyle and the décor of this illegal underground swinger club. Angry, the boss throws his lighter against the wall. It lands millimeters away from the face of the ill-fated carrier of bad news. He twitches as violently as the one who fucks my butt. He runs out as if on speed.

I wonder meanwhile if the guy has taken Viagra, so incessantly and with the precision of a Polish bandit, does he shovel my back door.

The unfortunate one, who still stands in front of me with semi-stiff,
semi-masturbated dick is yelled at by his boss as fiercely as the security guy earlier. Since I don’t understand Croatian I can only guess that it has something to do with the police outside. As if having sex while watching a crime thriller, and focusing on both at the same time, were something for the more advanced.

The situation is such that I lose my composure and start to softly whimper. Gradually the heat wave surges through me more and more. I close my eyes.
My upper arms become limp and, very slowly, my body sinks down. His hands on my hips, he holds me tight and pulls me in the direction of his woody. He pushes deeply a few times, clings tight and after three seconds I feel his warmth. The highest point of his evening has arrived.

The dead silence, which has fallen over us so quickly, irritates. Although still in a fuck coma and although I enjoy remaining in it, I open my eyes.

In contrast to here:

Family Snoopahontas, Senad and the half-disappointed half-erection stare at us; they are shocked.

„What are you all looking at?“ I ask.

„Maja, it looked like he was going to kill you,“ she, with the fat things, replies.

I examine all my body parts. I can see no scratches and I don’t feel like someone had tried to kill me.

„Where, then?“

„Have screamed like a big cat in heat.“

Where the hell did he come from?

It doesn’t matter. At least all eyes are now directed at the security guy. I can, unnoticed, pull the cock out of my ass after the owner has fallen asleep behind me.

„Chief, police are looking for you. They are at the uftata man.“

A madhouse is a kid’s birthday party compared to this place.

„What? They are at the DJ’s desk?“

Meanwhile, Senad’s pupils are the same size as Claudia’s. I don’t think he’s on a trip; he’s a live wire because of the incompetence of his staff. Hastily he storms through the curtains, at least it seems to be his plan, before the blond boy crashes through in the opposite direction, directly into him. Their heads collide and they both immediately fall to the ground.

I count loudly to ten, and clap with the flat of my hand on the tasteless carpet, to finish the whole thing off with an „Out“. Tie by K.O. in the first round.

I center my thong, pull my skirt up to my knees, and shake the dust from my hair.

„Great. Now the two biggest villains in the club are lying unconscious.“ Rahim looks nervous as he studies the mishap up close.

„Who is that guy?“ asks Claudia.

„This has been what ufftata man,“ replies the resigned-looking security guy, who still stands as if rooted to the same spot.

„You mean the DJ?“

„Yes, this is DJ.“

Rahim grasps Claudia’s hand. She has long been seeking shelter behind him.

Because of the excitement of the situation I forget everything that has happened beforehand. I almost fall over in fright, much like boss-man and Mr. Ufftata, as someone behind me rises as if from the dead. Ah yes, the guy who fucked my ass.

Pulling his pants up, he struggles back into the vertical and nonchalantly walks past us to get outside. Okay, he could be lucky with this minor offense and get away with it unnoticed. As his cock is no longer tied to me, my attention focuses on more essential issues. Such as the question of: where is my grass? Helpfully, I almost stumble over my purse and remember the answer to the question, which I have long since forgotten.

„Boys and girls, let’s get out of here!“

Resolutely, I wave Rahim and Claudia in my direction. I have discovered a window that is large enough to let us get out without being forced to collide with the cops.

„Baby, how did you manage to stuff that much marijuana into such a tiny purse?“

Claudia’s mouth is so wide open, it’d be easy to shove the grass into it; plus half a kilo of hair spray and a little sperm, almost the exact contents of the coitus utensils suitcase. At least I’d be out of the line of fire, should the cops still catch us.

„We’re launching rockets at the moon, it should be possible to have a little fun, right?“

I struggle against the barrier. The lock rattles open. With a little pressure we stand on the ground-floor terrace. The full moon at eye level intensifies the kitsch factor of the moment.

Out, the only thought is getting away from here. Grab your legs, stumble, run. Have you ever seen Vienna by night?


Die Metamorphose von der hochsensiblen Prinzessin zum eiskalten Gefühlskrüppel passiert so schleichend wie das Volksbegehren zur Rundfunkgebühr. Jeder hat davon gehört, aber niemand was gesehen.
Alles was sie will ist nichts mehr spüren.
Schlechtes Gewissen nährt den Selbstoptimierungswahn, je intensiver der Substanzmissbrauch desto länger die darauffolgende Sporteinheit
Je chemischer die Substanz, desto zweistelliger die gelaufenen Kilometer. Als ob ein Halbmarathon sämtliche Kokainexzesse wettmachen könnte.
Sie fragen sich warum ich das tue?
Ich mich auch!
Ja, ich bin gerne high. Nicht weil ich aus einem sozialen Brennpunkt stamme – ganz und gar nicht. Es macht einfach Spaß!
Der Lieferservice gibt die Daten seiner Kunden an diverse Finanzdienstleister weiter. Vermutlich weil Menschen die um 10 Uhr Vormittag Schnaps, Bier und Filtertipps bestellen nicht allzu kreditwürdig erscheinen.
Dabei schmeckt so ein kühles Blondes nach dem Aufstehen gar nicht so übel.
Sind Rudeltiere.


Denkst du wirklich dass dein heutiger Lifestyle dich vor zwei Jahrzehnten befriedigt hätte? Oder wärst du der Langeweile erlegen? Willkommen in meiner Welt!
Ich bin DU. Zwanzig Jahre davor. Mit Muschi statt Latte.
Hure statt Heilige, Magdalena fetzt – Maria ist der Inbegriff aller Spaßbremsen. Pacemakerin fürs Saufen, Ficken und Koksen. Mehr kann ich nicht – hab´s Laufen verlernt, Nase zu voll…
Herzschlag am Limit – vernarbtes Gewebe hinter den Rippen. Kämpfe ums Überleben – nicht weniger als das Teil, dass das Blut durch meinen Körper pumpt.
Schleppend bahnt es sich den Weg durch sämtliche Venen, dennoch reicht es nicht um den eiskalten Engel zu beleben. Ich bin so verdammt abgekämpft und müde.


Ob sie wohl wieder mit mir reden würde, wenn ich scheiße schwanger wäre? Oder doch lieber unheilbar krank?
„Hallo du. Wie geht´s dir? Leider hab ich Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs. Wünsche dir angenehme drei Monate – wir sehen uns bei meiner Beerdigung.“, ob der Abschiedstext sie aus der Lethargie reißen könnte?
Vermutlich schon – Drama Queens lieben dominante Tumore. Weil ohne Happy End schmeckt Selbstmitleid erst so richtig.
Wobei ich nicht sicher bin, ob die Nachricht vom Angebumstwordenseins die Chance auf ein Quäntchen ihrer ach so spärlichen Zeit erhöht.
Krebs oder Schwangerschaft? Welches Handicap erhöht die Möglichkeit auf ein Gespräch? Eins auf Augenhöhe.
Ach fick dich doch, Frau Misses „ Familie- ist das – allerwichtigste- deshalb –scheiß- ich- auf- meine, weil –du- keine -Matura –hast.“
Ich soll um zwanzig Uhr in dem Schuppen antanzen, aber bitte so unauffällig wie möglich, schließlich ist der ganze Laden voll mit seinen Kollegen. An der Rezeption ist ein Kuvert für mich hinterlegt, in dem der Zimmerschlüssel steckt.
„Sobald du den Schlüssel hast, gehst du an der Rezeption vorbei. Gleich dahinter liegt auf der linken Seite der Aufzug. Fahr in den zweiten Stock, geh ins Zimmer und ziehe dein Nonnenkostüm an. Knie dich auf den Holztisch der neben dem Bett steht, lege eine Augenbinde an und warte bis ich komme. Du redest nur wenn du gefragt wirst.“

Insgeheim bin ich froh über meinen desolaten Zustand, auch wenn mich die Nebenwirkungen der vergangenen Nacht beinahe in die Knie zwingen. Zumindest ist die Aufregung auf ein erträgliches Mindestmaß reduziert. Ich tue was von mir verlangt wird. Hoch wie nie.
Bis zum Hals und noch ein Stückchen weiter hämmert mein Herz, als ich auf allen Vieren ausharre um auf ihn zu warten. Kann die Fahrstuhltüre hören, jedes Mal wenn sie sich öffnet. Zucke beim leisesten Geräusch zusammen, frage mich ob er es wohl ist, der da gerade aussteigt. Auch nach dem dreiunddreißigsten Fehlalarm..
Meine Knie schmerzen, wo zum Teufel steckt der Idiot? Traue mich nicht, eine angenehmere Haltung anzunehmen, vielleicht beobachtet er mich ja per Kamera?
Und noch ehe ich mich mit dem Gedanken einfach abzuhauen anfreunde, höre ich ein Klicken an der Tür. Anfangs digital klingendes Summen, ehe jemand die Türe aufstemmt…
Immer lauter werdende Schritte, ich bekomme Gänsehaut, fühle Blicke auf meinem Körper, blinzle durch den schmalen Spalt am unterem Ende der Augenbinde.
Bedauerlicherweise kann ihn nicht sehen, auch wenn ich sogar seinen Atem hören kann. Höre Wasser, das aus einem Duschkopf gegen Fliesen sprudelt. Höre eine elektrische Zahnbürste. Höre ein Zischen, wie aus einer Haarspraydose.
Verstehe ich nicht. Auf seinem Profilbild hat der Kertl doch eine Glatze?
Speckschwartenspray zum Schädelpolieren?
Hashtag Marktlücke.
Ich mag wie er riecht, sein Schwanz steht kerzengerade Richtung Himmel, soweit ich das durch mein eingeschränktes Blickfeld beurteilen kann.
Unter größter Anstrengung widerstehe ich Impuls ihn sofort in den Mund zu nehmen, ahne was mir danach blühen würde….
Ob dieser Möchtegern-Nachwuchs-Gangster schon vor meiner Haustür steht? Ob einer von dem Schlag dazu fähig ist, säumige Schuldner umzulegen? Ob mir jemand ins Hirn geschissen hat? Ob Seroquel, Lithium und Cipralex mich aus meiner Misere rausboxen könnten? Ob ich mir eine Knarre organisieren sollte? How many times will you learn the same lesson?
Ob der Kerl nach dem Wichsen kaltes Wasser getrunken hat? Ob die Striemen am Arsch morgen blau sind?
„Neun. Danke, mein Herr.“
Möchte ihm den Rohrstock aus der Hand reißen, ihn damit ins Gesicht schlagen.
„Zehn. Danke, mein Herr.“
Möchte seinen Schwanz solange nach rechts drehen, bis er abfällt. Ihn danach in seine dämlich grinsende Fresse stecken und ihn anschließend mit Benzin übergießen und anzünden.
Er lächelt dreckiger als ein hauptberuflicher Dixie Klo Vertreter, als er mir in den Mund spritzt. Wie gern würde ich ihm jetzt den Schädel mit einer neun Millimeter wegballern…
„Danke, mein Herr.“

Ich kapituliere. Endgültig.

Vor Erschöpfung gelähmt fällt der Körper ins Koma, lange nachdem sich mein Geist Richtung Nirwana verabschiedet hat. Auch wenn ich lieber alleine eingeschlafen wäre, da ist keine Kraft mehr um vor ihm davon zu laufen. Kein Kampf, keine Flucht – flehe um Ruhe…

Er wird mich doch in Frieden lassen, schließlich wirkt der Kerl genauso durch wie ich?


Praktisch ist es ihm scheißegal, wie ich mich fühle. Warum sonst drückt das Stück Schwanz gegen meinen Arsch, stoßen seine Finger mitten in die Fotze um mich aufzuwecken?

Ich krümme mich vor Schmerz, löse mich windend aus seinem Griff um der erzwungenen Nähe zu entfliehen. Hätte ich doch nur mehr Kraft übrig, würd ich ihm ins Gesicht schlagen…. Immer und immer wieder

Beim zweiten Klingeln des Weckers lässt er endlich von mir ab

„Keine Sorge, du kannst jetzt weiterschlafen. Zum Ficken bist eh nicht zu gebrauchen“, er küsst mich.

Drei Sekunden nach seinem Verschwinden knicke ich erneut ein – Widerstand zwecklos, Akkus so leer wie mein Herz.  Viel zu kurz die Ladephase, verstörte blinzle ich in die Sonne, er kommt zurück. Nicht weniger entschlossen als Kim Jong beim Atombombentest, schießt er durch die angelehnte Türe, fokussiert mich mit der Präzision eines Scharfschützen.

Wie lange habe ich gepennt? Wieso ist es plötzlich so hell hier drinnen?  Was zum Teufel macht er mit mir?

Mister Einfühlsam kniet über mir, packt seinen Schwanz aus der Hose und wichst mir auf die Brüste.  Ein Wunder, dass er mich danach nicht fragt, wie er war.

Ohne ein Wort zu sagen wische ich mir das Sperma vom Körper, drücke den fremd gewordenen Torso von mir weg und verlasse ihn.

Alles was ich noch fühle ist Leere.

Alles was ich will ist Schlafen.

Für Immer.